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$130.00 CAD


Infinity Yoga Mats

Our Infinity Yoga Mats are designed with both you and the Earth in mind.  Infinity Yoga Mats are made from a soft breathable, luxurious fabric: designed to be durable and sanitary.  

The Infinity Yoga Mat eliminates the need for any type of towel. Its ultra absorbent microfibre draws sweat away from your body trapping it between the new and technologically advanced internal grid layer system.

We know you will love the convenience of your new Jivana as one Infinity Yoga Mat! We think you'll agree it's possibly the world's best yoga mat.

A Truly Eco Yoga Mat

  • PVC Free.
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% body friendly (unlike PVC, latex, or rubber)
  • Lasts longer than regular yoga mats (avoiding constant need for replacements)


  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Washer/dryer friendly 
  • Eliminates bacteria and odour that can cause skin disease and irritation.

All-as-one Convenience!

  • Eliminates the need for two products - it's a yoga mat combo, no need for any type of towel!
  • Ultra absorbent micro fibre draws the excess sweat away from your body, allowing the body’s natural cooling system to operate at an optimal level 
  • Waterproof and durable multi layer construction system eliminates sweat dripping onto the studio floor, protecting you and your fellow yogis 
  • Compact and lightweight compared to all rubber mats, easily folded or rolled for your travel convenience.

Stability in a Truly Thick Yoga Mat

  • The Jivana-as-one Infinity Yoga Mat has been designed with a non-slip top layer. The top layer of the Yoga Mat has been scientifically engineered so that there is NO movement, bunching or slipping that typically occurs when using a regular yoga mat and towel combination. This creates a truly thick yoga mat, providing the greatest degree of stability possible.
  • Non slip bottom: Jivana-as-one's eco-friendly nubs are made with 100% silicone, healthy for Mother Earth to provide ultimate grip on all internal floor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Jivana-as-one's Infinity Orb is strategically placed at the head of the Infinity Yoga Mat this eliminates external distractions through a central focal point of concentration, heightening individual concentration and development.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: this is a stand alone Yoga Mat – it is NOT designed or intended for placement on top of another Yoga Mat.
    Doing this may result in slipping, causing potential injury.

Luxurious Fabric

  • Wicks away moisture from your body, leaving you feeling cool clean relaxed undistracted from your practice or fitness routine
  • Stops the distraction in your practice of re-adjusting bunching, sweaty, smelly, slippery towels.
  • Soft breathable decadent fabric replaces traditional rough low quality non-hygienic cloth towels.

Becoming as-one with Jivana

At Jivana as one we want to make a difference in your health and that of Mother Earth. We aren't just about creating another eco friendly yoga mat.

Our philosophy is help you to build and support a global community devoted to creating a greater awareness of the connectedness of all life on earth.

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