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Buffbunny is a brand created by Heidi Somers to empower women.


A little background about myself, I was born and raised in the small town of North Pole, Alaska. It's a real place, I promise! When I was 20 years old, I juggled 4 jobs to save up the money to move to a new city. I left behind all my friends and family and moved to San Antonio, Texas, where I didn't know a single soul. I did this for both adventure and better opportunities. Since then, I have become very involved in the fitness industry. I love being able to encourage others to become healthier and happier versions of themselves.‬ ‬

      I do want you to know I haven't always been fit. I wasn’t very active growing up. I never played sports, and didn’t get out much because I was homeschooled. I was once dangerously skinny, and once overweight. I have been on both sides of the health spectrum, so I understand how people feel when they come to me, wanting help losing/gaining weight. I know how it feels to have no curves. I know what it feels like to have unwanted weight gain and to have cellulite. Unhealthy comes in all forms.‬

        One day, I found myself in a fitting room trying on my normal size. Nothing fit. I had to go up quite a few sizes. When I looked in the mirror, not only did I see the weight I had gained, but also saw the unhealthy habits I developed staring back at me. It was at this point that I re-evaluated my life and realized I didn't like the direction I was going with my body. I told my friends I wanted to lose the weight I had gained. They told me it was too late, and that I would never go back to the skinny body I once had. In retrospect, they were right. I never went back to being skinny. I became athletic and strong instead.‬

         I started exercising like most people. I wanted to lose a little weight and try to 'tone up'. I was scared to lift weights at first, because I thought 'weights' made women look 'bulky'. I gave it a shot though as the yo-yo diets and cardio weren't working for me. All of a sudden, my life changed. I started to feel good. Very good. All of the weightlifting and healthy food choices started transforming my body. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I had become a different person. My nails became stronger, my hair became shinier, and my skin started to glow and tighten. I started needing less sleep at night and woke up early full of energy! I realized what respecting your body truly meant. I had finally acknowledged you are given one life, one body. You have to make the most of it, and treat your body the best you can.‬

         In this past year, my fitness career has completely taken off. I have been given opportunities I never could have imagined. My life has changed dramatically, but I love every minute of it. I am overwhelmed by the love and support I have received by not only the companies I work with, but from the people that follow my journey as well. I love being able to connect with as many people as possible and being able to learn from each other. It truly touches me hearing that I have helped people change their lives for the better. There is nothing more rewarding than that.‬

        What is my purpose? Simple. I want to change the world. I want to change lives. I want to make a difference. I want to be part of a movement. I want to show people how to believe in themselves. So I will continue to focus all my energy into helping others reach their health/fitness goals! ‬ 

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